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Omni Antenna 15dBi Outdoor Professional

Imported Professional Antenna Outdoor 2.4Ghz Omni Powerful Storong Signal Broadcast 15dBi Power 100 Watt & Degree 360 Radius Antenna  Avaliable. First Time Pakistan Low Cost Good Performance Long Range Outdoor Omni-Directional Long range Ideal for internet service provider Max Power 100W Antenna emits a powerful amplified signal over a 360-Degree […]

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WiFi Antenna FAQ

What are common WiFi Antenna FAQs ? What are the main types of WiFi antennas ? The two main types of antennas are Omni-Antenna and Sector directional Antenna. Omni directional antennas radiate WiFi signal in a 360 degree pattern and Sector directional antennas 90, 120 & 180 Degree emit the […]

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