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WiFi AP With 12dBi Antenna

2.4GHz Outdoor WiFi AP CPE High Power Wireless Outdoor CPE   Description: Excellent performance: Complies with IEEE802.11n/g/b standards, employs the best chipset of Industry leading technology and built-in 12dBi high gain directive antenna, wireless transmission is farther, coverage is wider. Spotlight: 150Mbps High Power Wireless Outdoor CPE Integrated design for […]

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Point to Multipoint Signal Range

Point-to-Multipoint links (PtMP) Connects three or more locations, using one Base Station (or Access Point) and multiple CPE devices (Stations) connected to the Access Point. PtMP PtMP performance depends on both sides of the link, i.e. if you want to reach long distances, you must choose the right Base Station […]

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