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USB Huawei M177 (New-Model)

Huawei New USB Dongle M177 New USB Dongle, Allows users to acquire high speed Mobe Wireless Broadband access simply by inserting a standard GSM SIM card into the adapter and plugging it into their Laptop or Desktop Computers micro SD card slot & SIM Card slot USB is a Great […]

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MiFi Hotspot Huawei E5330

Huawei Has Recently Launched its 21.6Mbps Speed 4G/3G/2G Sim WiFi Rrouter It is a high speed packet access Wireless hotspot It is a multi mode wireless terminal for SOHO Small Office   & Home or Business professionals 4G/3G/2G user The key features of Huawei E5330 MiFi Hotspot Press and Play Five-second […]

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