3G & 4G

New Sim internet Devices

Mobe Wireless 2G/3G/4G LTE

USB, Wingles, Clouds, MiFi, Modem & CPEs

huawei all usbAMD Has Launched

First Time in Pakistan introducing

  2G/3G/4G internet All Network Sim Suport

USB Dongles / Wingles / Clouds / CPEs & Mifis Devices

It is an Amazing New wireless internet communication enjoyed via
GSM wireless Broadband Devices including Dongles, Wingles
CPEs, mifis plug in play your laptop, Tablet, phon, smart-TV
 & Computer Access internet through Mobil Sim operators
2G/3G /4G High speed Faster Connectivity with Ufone
 Mobilink, Telenor, Warid & Zong GSM Network full
Support you can enjoy a Great internet High 3G
4G Faster Speed Experiece any time and at
Any place in More Than 20,000+ Cities
Towns & villages Across Pakistan
GSM 2G/3G/4G Compatible
All Network Sim unlock


All in one products:

all sim usb photo

This is a Amazing products AMD Pakistan high speed internet lover Which you can use with any Mobil Operators ″SIMs  Zong , Mobilink, Warid, Telenor & Ufone for Fast internet Access any where in the Coverage area 2G & 3G or 4G is internet USB dongles & Devices

Pakistan all GSM Network operator SIM suport. (NO Network Locked)

100%  Tested Pakistan Network

Zong, Ufone, Mobilink, Telenor and Warid

gsm pakistan logo

Freedom to choose any GSM Operator

ZTE & HIAWEI PATNET PAKISTANAuthorized Distributor & Retailer

AMD Wholesaler & Supplier in Pakistan

100% original With Guaranteed Lowest Prices in Pakistan

This is a High Quality Worldwide 2G, 3G & 4G Products Sale

sale animiteadDiscount Sale AMD Pakistan

USB Dongle Sale

Will need a Laptop/Computer USB socket to operate

it can be used with a single computer.

USB Wingle Sale

Will need a USB charging socket Laptop Car socket

to operate will create WiFi hotspot.

MiFi Cloud Sale

Operates without USB socket & can run on battery Backup

It creates Pocket WiFi hotsport.

All 2G 3G 4G & LTE Products Detail


Quick Feature Compare & Prices

HSUPA 35G 7.2Mbps No No Rs.1499 DETAILS
HSPA UF3G 7.2Mbps Yes No Rs.1999 DETAILS
HSUPA 3.75G 7.2Mbps No No Rs.1699 DETAILS
HSPA UFI3G 21.6Mbps Yes No Rs.2499 DETAILS


Quick Feature Compare & Prices

Huawei M177 7.2Mbps No No Rs.2999 DETAILS
Huawei D1HW 42Mbps No No Rs.2500 DETAILS
Akasaki Hspa 7.2Mbps No No Rs.3000 DETAILS
USB Huawei E352 14.4Mbps No No Rs.2000 DETAILS
USB Huawei E352 21.6Mbps Yes
No Rs.2500 DETAILS
Router Huawei E960 7.2Mbps yes
Hotspot ZTE MF65 21.6Mbps Yes
Hotsopt Huawei E5330 21.6Mbps Yes
Huawei E5373 150Mbps Yes
Rs.12500 DETAILS
Huawei E5377 150Mbps Yes
Rs.15999 DETAILS


All Product original With Huawei & ZTE international warranty

 Welcome to Wholesaler & Retailer or Mobile operator Franchiese

Wholesale Factory price for Bulk Quantity 10/50/100 Pcs

Contact AMD Pakistan Call # 0334-0778866



Where other internet networks fail ours connects

instantly. On highways & by ways throughout

Thousands of Destinations across Pakistan

Any Mobil Sim Network avaliable has you

Fully covered Services you can enjoy

A’Great GSM internet experience Audio & Video or Data faster high speed.


More-Info-ButtonSindh, Punjab, Bolochistan, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Fana & Fata

TCS DeliveryUSB & Devices All over pakistan Delivery By TCS

Orders processed & shipped Time 24 Hours Working Day

Lowest-Price-OriginalOrder & More information Contact

AMD Pakistan Phon No # 0334-0778866

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