Gas Leak Detector

Gas Leak Detector

Coal gas, Natural gas & LPG

Gas leaking Sound Alarm Sensor

Wireless Gas Detector Distributor in Pakistan


New Wireless Gas Detector Wired Combustible High reliablity Gas Sensor LPG Natural Gas Leakage Detector Home, office & Factory Safe Sensor Alarms Direct AC 220V operating.



Portable Detector Propane Butane Methane Natural Gas Safe Alarm Sensor

This LPG gas Detector can detect dangerous and ignitable gas leaking, such as natural gas, Town gas and LPG, and this gas detector provides both light flash and 85db sound alarm in case of gas leaking detected.


1.This product can be used as independent family alarm equipment, and also can be used as front detector of alarm system.
2.Easy installation and maintenance.
3.Power source: 220V AC
4.Working current: 100mA
5.Operating Temperature: -10℃ ~ 50℃
6.Ambient Humidity: Less than 95% RH
7.Sound level: >=85db
8.Standby Mode: Green LED on
9.Alarm Mode: Red LED flashes and an intermittent acoustic alarm
11.Recovery time:<1 minute
12.Induced gas: Natural gas, Town gas, LPG,CO etc.
-Town gas: 0.1 – 0.5%
-Natural gas: 0.1 – 0.3%
-LPG gas: 0.1 – 0.2%
14.Charger cable length: About 135cm
15. Dimensions: 110mm x 69mm x 38mm
16.Mounted on the wall or cabinet, within 1.5 meters radius far from gas source,about 30cm above the ground for LPG or about 30cm below the ceiling for coal gas and natural gas.


Rs.1499 Rupees only

*All over Pakistna Delivery By TCS

This Price Included:

1 x Gas Detector
1 x Screw
1 x Manual

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