Retevis 602


F.R.S Pair 2Pcs Walkie Talkies

RT-602 Cute Toy Radio Two-Way Radio

Have a flashlight and VOX function

Retevise RT-602 small and portable walkie-talkies feature

22 channels and 10 Call tones, Keystroke Tones

Get audible tones with each key press for

Response and confirmation.

rt-602 picturePower Saver Circuitry that extends battery life when

Not transmitting or receiving Earpiece connection

can Power with Rechargeable batteries.

Liquid crystal display:

Display battery status, has a back light
function, meet the diverse needs of
users, easy to guide
the user operation.

Retevis RT 60 Walkie TalkieThe flashlight function:

LED flashlight design, easy to deal
with situations in the evening
meet your daily urgent needs.

PTT button:

Using high-end green soft rubber, not easy
ageing, corrosion resistance, prevent
slippery feel good.

Rechargeable batteries:

Battery long cycle life, economy
environmental protection, no
pollution large capacity,
safe and reliable.

Innovation card buckle:

Card buckle design not only has very
good waterproof dustproof effect
more battery is not easy to
loose strong, durable,
easy to tear open outfit.

Mini, small super cute:

According to the human hand
learn customized design &
shape, grip comfort.

Intelligent battery charger:

Humanized design,

support seat charger & convenient.

602 walkie talkieFeatures :

  • Call tones
  • Call alert
  • LCD DIsplay
  • Keypad tones
  • VOX function
  • Channel lock
  • Mute function
  • Backlit display
  • Power selection
  • Low battery alert
  • Built in flashlight
  • Talk confirmation tone
  • Battery saving function
  • Transmitting and receiving icons
  • Talk Range 500~5000m in open area.


 FRS  Walkie Talkie RT-602

Model Retevis RT-602
Output power 0.5W
Channel 8
Color Orange
Battery Type 3 X “AAA” batteries
LCD display including battery status indicator Yes
Adjustable volume level Yes
Transmitting and receiving icons Yes
Channel number and scan status display Yes
Auto squelch Yes
Call alert Yes
Built in flashlight Yes
Channel lock Yes
Low battery alert Yes
Power selection Yes
5 Call tones Yes
Mute function Yes
Battery saving function Yes
Backlit display Yes
Keypad tones Yes
VOX function Yes
Talk confirmation tone Yes
Size(include antenna) Approx: 115X55X28mm
Weight 62g/piece

602 box pak walkie talkieThis Box Complete Package including :

  • 2 x Walkie Talkies
  • 2 x Belt clip
  • 2 x Battery
  • 1 x The adapter
  • 1 x Charger base
  • 1 x User’s manual


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