Speed Up 3G EVO internet Seting

Ptcl 3G EVO, Nitro or Wingle Wireless internet service Pakistan Telecommunication Company PTCL is offering EVO Nitro (9.3 Mbps) EVO Wingle (9.3 Mbps) EVO 3.1 (3.1 Mbps) and Vfone Internet (153 Kbps) under its 3G wireless internet services portfolio.

  • Today I am going to share my experience of speeding-up EVO internet connection settings without using any external Boster.
  • There are several ways of speeding-up EVO network speed comprises of external antennas and etc.
  • This method will help you to increase your internet browsing speed on EVO just by changing your DSN server address.


Just change your PTCL EVO DSN” to Google’s Public DNS Seting.

How To ?

Plug in your EVO device, GoTo Settings, GoTo NetWork and click on Use DNS Then enter the following DNS IP Addresses.

PTCL-3G-EVO-Speed-Up-without-enternal-antenna-by-PaktronGoogle’s Public DNS



Try it and you will feel a difference in your browsing speed as well as your Downloading and video streaming speed.




PTCL Wireless External Antenna

If you are not getting good signal strength then you can use external antenna.

No1 PTCL Wireless AMD” Antenna 100%  Result  Good Signal Strength

evo signalPtcl Antenna Click Here Link

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